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  • I am having trouble with events and the zcombo. I have siren strobes in the house that trigger based on alarm state (this event works great!). However, when I click the button on the smoke alarm to silence it during a false alarm, it is supposed to send out a "Smoke Alarm Silenced" and shut off everything. However mine rather sends out this,
    Device: Kitchen Smoke/CO Detector Notification Set to Notification OFF for Type 1
    I cannot find that in the event manager


    • Has anybody encountered this issue? I would love to silence zwave siren when I mute smoke alarm.


      • hs309 If you look at the Advanced tab of the Kitchen Smoke/CO Detector Notification device, what does it show when you silence the alarm? It should set a value/status on that device and you should be able to use that value as an event trigger. If all else fails, you could use a plugin like UltraLog that monitors the log and you can trigger events on it that way.
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        • Originally posted by Tomgru View Post
          My point is I'm not even seeing the device heartbeat in the device manager window

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          You will want to move the device within a foot or two of your Z-Wave interface, remove it and then add it back in. I just installed two more of these and none of them show the heartbeat. I'm wondering if it's a particular firmware where these do not report?