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Utilitech (Everspring) Siren - unknown notification

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  • Utilitech (Everspring) Siren - unknown notification

    I have two of the subject sirens installed (the Utilitech branded version, purchased at Lowes). These were manufactured in March 2014, version 2.64 (ZDK 5.02.2 Patch 2) - Firmware 1.

    Very infrequently, on no regular schedule that I can discern, the notification child will show "Notification Type.Level=1.001" on the status page. The Utilitech documentation that came with the siren doesn't provided detail on the z-wave specifics, but I did find the documentation for the Everspring branded version here, and that does provide a lot of z-wave specific detail.

    The problem is, this specific notification isn't in the document. Not sure if it's relevant, but this document appears to be for a slightly different version of the siren because it describes a tamper switch, which the Utilitech version does not have.

    Anyone know what the notification might be for? Thanks...