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Fortrezz MimoLite and garage door control

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  • Fortrezz MimoLite and garage door control

    In a word -- impressed. I hooked this up today. The input is connected to a garage door reed switch (magnet mounts to the door, the sensor to the floor) of standard variety. The output relay is connected to the button in parallel.

    Set parameter 11 to specify how long the output is closed when it's activated (I did 6 for 600 ms).

    And everything just works. NWI without issue via Z-NET. Went in and change some status graphics to garage doors instead of motion. And done!

    Now I'm doing fun things like getting a text if the garage door is still open at 1 AM, or if the garage door has been open for an hour. And, if the garage door is opened at nighttime, turn on the garage coach lights (and turn them off when the door is then closed).

    So if anyone's looking for a good Z-Wave solution to controlling the garage door, I can highly recommend this approach. The MimoLite is about $55 I think, and the reed sensor another $15.

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    I am looking at doing the same, what reed sensor did you use? What type of fastener would you recommend on the door? Also, a bit of a side note, what do you use for text messages? Thanks


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      The MimoLite and Mimo2 are awesome. I'm getting one soon for a wiring project for a fog machine

      Don't forget the location awareness to open/close garage... weird how a simple thing like opening a garage door can be so rewarding.