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    Thank you MNB. This is interesting to me - I'm going to order one.


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      Just ordered - and with a 10% discount - what could be better,,,,


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        was there ever any info if they were making one for the EU?


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          Chris, sorry for not replying sooner.. I did not see any discussion/announcement suggesting an imminent EU release.. Mike
          Computer: CUK Intel NUC7i7BNH
          Op System: Windows 10 Pro - Work Station
          HS Version: HS3 Pro Edition

          Plug-Ins: BLBackup, BLGData, BLRoombaWifi, Device History, EasyTrigger, ImperiHome, Nest, PHLocation, Pushover 3P, Restart, Sonos, UltraCID3, UltraWeatherWU3, Z-Wave, and Jon00 scripts.


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            Cheers mate


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              I picked up a Z-Wave ToolBox. Device looks and works great from what I can tell... it's a bit confusing on the data its providing though and the manual doesn't really explain how to interpret the data.

              For example. I'm using the Site Survey tool to try and find the best location for my controller. The manual says ideally I should have a RSSI less then -50Dbm. -40Dbm or less being optimal. OK. So I'm doing the survey and it's listing a few devices and the RSSI values change but I'm not exactly sure how to read them. I pretty much never get a value under -50Dbm and even when in the same location the value is jumping up and down. Every now and then I get a -40~ but then it goes back up. So what am I looking at and how do I know when I've found a good location or not?

              Are these values the RSSI from the devices on my network, or are they other networks other than mine? It's very unclear.

              The tool looks extremely promising but if you don't know how to use it it's pretty useless.

              Hoping someone can shed some light.


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                Here is a screen shot to show what I'm seeing...

                Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
Views:	50
Size:	61.4 KB
ID:	1316217

                Can somebody please clarify the following:
                • "Network 1": That's my Z-Wave right? So if I saw my neighbors it would show up as "Network 2" correct? I think that makes sense, just confirming though
                • "Device 1-6": I'm assuming these are the devices on my network as they are seen by the ToolBox, They are not the actual node IDs on my network though, rather just an index in the order they were discovered. Right?
                • RSSI: I get it's the signal strength and the manual says -40~-50 DBm should be ok anything over -50 Not good, anything under -40 excellent. Well it doesn't matter where I move the tool box I can't get under -50DBm consistently so what does that mean? I would assume that if I have the ToolBox right on top a device I should have amazing RSSI. That doesn't seem to be the case...
                Can anybody walk me through how to properly interpret all this, maybe you have a process you follow for finding the optimal location, that would be most helpful!