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Plugin for IKEA TRÅDFRI smart home devices Introduction / Configuration

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    Plugin for IKEA TRÅDFRI smart home devices Introduction / Configuration

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    I don't think IKEA needs introducing, but my plugin is for controlling IKEA smart home devices via HomeSeer

    IKEA Smart lighting

    After installing the plugin you need to configure the Gateway -

    1. After a few seconds the plugin should discover the Tradfri Gateway (using mDNS/Zeroconf) and create HS device

    2. Go PLUG-INS -> AK Ikea -> Config Page.

    3. If in some network configurations mDNS doesn't work, you may need to add the Gateway manually (Green + button) and enter IP address.

    3. Enter Ikea Gateway Key (found on the bottom of Gateway):

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    That's it. AK IKEA plugin will discover the devices and create HS devices:

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    Created ROOT devices:

    1. The Gateway (Bridge)
    2. Lights
    3. LED Drivers
    4. Groups
    5. Remote Controls

    For each RGB Light:

    1. Brightness slider, On/Off
    2. Color devices: Hue/Sat/X/Y
    3. Predefined (named) Tradfri colors
    4. Custom RGB color - note that Tradfri protocol doesn't support RGB setting, so the plugin converts the custom color to Color XY - which may produce slight variation in colors
    5. Transition time (ramp rate) - separate for the Brightness and the Color changes

    For White spectrum lights:

    There's no Color controls,

    1. only color temperature (if supported) - WarmGlow, WarmWhite, CoolWhite and
    2. related color temperature (in Mireds) - i.e. CoolWhite = 250M, WarmGlow = 454M

    For each Group:

    1. Similar devices to each group member
    2. Mood (Scene) i.e. Everyday, Relax, Focus (scenes are created in Ikea Home app)

    For Tradfri remote:

    1. Battery level


      Note on Update rate settings:

      1. Update rate for the Bridge (Gateway):

      Controls scan time for new devices / groups / moods (scenes)
      If you don't plan adding new devices - it can be disabled (set to 0)

      2. Update rate for the Groups:

      Similar to the Bridge - scanning for new devices and moods (scenes) in the group

      3. Update rate for the Lights:

      The light devices support Observation (immediate notifications), but just in case I also scan them for changes.
      Can be disabled also (set to 0).


        Version - Support Remote Controls and Motion Sensors
        Version - Support for smart blinds.
        Version - Automatic Gateway discovery (mDNS/Zeroconf) -
        Note: since device ID's will change - you have to delete all existing IKEA devices (in HS) first. Sorry.
        Version - Added support for Plug (Socket) - untested since it's not available in Australia yet
        Version - Fixes for Zeroconf discovery on Linux, limit discovery to IPv4 only