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    About Big5

    Big5 is a communication plug-in for HS3 paired with a powerful pre- and post processing engine. Big5 supports HTTP, TCP, MQTT, Serial (RS232/485) and Chat/Messaging (based on Slack). Big5 has five "action" lines of its own in HS3 action menu and five "condition" lines of its own in HS3 conditions menu one per protocol supported.It creates HS3 devices automatically. Big5 processes the information as it passes trough using reg expressions and comes with a reg expression tutorial/"sandbox".

    Big5 is the only HS3 plug-in that handles REST API and JSON API. If you have modern devices that communicate by API than Big5 is for you. Furthermore Big5 opens the doors for you to integrate with devices and services unthinkable before. Here is a list of publicly available API courtesy John245

    "Quick start" documentation of Big5 is embedded in the setup pages of Big5 that are accessible from HS3 plug-in menu. Extended documentation can be found here

    It has some examples to help you getting started.

    Most of the basic functionality is simple "point and click". Big5 will trigger HS3 events based on specific words or numbers that arrive over the communication profile that you select. Big5 will create HS3 devices with names and values derived from the "input" received over the communication profile of your choice.

    Communication profiles are easy to set up. Just provide some basics like port number, speed (for serial), input/output etc.

    For more sophisticated users ( but still non-programmers) there is pre- and post- processing engine build around "regular expressions". Don't try to comprehend the whole "reg expressions" theory as your head may spin. Instead try to find out where does your particular case belong in the table of examples and take it from there. Download the trial version of Big5 to enjoy the "sandbox" where you would test the reg expressions that you have created. It may look scary at first but it is not once you start playing with it.

    No programming experience or skills are needed.
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