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  • Sony Simple IP Control


    Forgive me if this is an obvious question but I am struggling a lot with this one. Trying to control my Sony TV with their Simple IP Control API (I know there is a Plug-In for this already but I only need to control power on/ off and think I could use Big5 for other things so would like to minimize plug-ins).

    This is their API documentation:

    The REST API URL Example they give is:
    http://[TV IP]/sony/avControl

    I used their sample project to try and figure this out but I can't figure out what fields go where in Big5 Plug-in.

    Using Mute as an example, not sure if this is helpful:

    -- audio.setAudioMute({"status":false}) --
    status: 200
    "result": [
    "id": 1

    Again, if anyone could give me advice on how to input this into Big5, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!