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  • Sony Simple IP Control


    Forgive me if this is an obvious question but I am struggling a lot with this one. Trying to control my Sony TV with their Simple IP Control API (I know there is a Plug-In for this already but I only need to control power on/ off and think I could use Big5 for other things so would like to minimize plug-ins).

    This is their API documentation:

    The REST API URL Example they give is:
    http://[TV IP]/sony/avControl

    I used their sample project to try and figure this out but I can't figure out what fields go where in Big5 Plug-in.

    Using Mute as an example, not sure if this is helpful:

    -- audio.setAudioMute({"status":false}) --
    status: 200
    "result": [
    "id": 1

    Again, if anyone could give me advice on how to input this into Big5, I would appreciate it!

    Thank you!

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    It's really simple.

    1. Setup Big5 HTTP profile first say you name it "Sony". It should be GET profile and the URL should be http://[TV IP]/sony/avControl/${input} .

    2. Fing Big5 HTTP In HS3 Action menu drop down box and select it. Select your profile "Sony". Put in the box provided everything that you want to go out. It would be audio.setAudioMute for your example above.

    I'm not familiar with this particular API and I'm not sure if all of the above in your example is a command or part of it is a response. Also the dashes look out of place.

    Big5 can manage the responses for you as well putting all the responses in HS3 devices for you to act upon.

    You can find more about all of the above in the online documentation of Big5 at


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      P.S. Not related to Big5. I got curious and looked at the API specs. To stick to your "mute" example the correct syntax of the command (per API specs) is

      { "method": "setAudioMute", "id": 601, "params": [{"status": true}], "version": "1.0" } It's quite different than what you're posting above as an example. It doesn't make any difference for Big5. You just put this or whatever else you want in the Big5 output box (see p.2 above) and it will go out. Also double check what HTTP method does your API require is it GET or POST. Big5 supports both you just need to setit up in the profile (p.1 above).