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RadioRA setup

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    RadioRA setup

    Looking for direction. Im hoping to use a HomeSeer Zee S2 controller with the BladeRadioRA plugin to control my Legacy Radio RA system via the RS-232 serial controller. I don't need another computer for this correct?

    I currently use a mac and think all the commands are via a web interface correct? Thanks

    You should be able to run the SEL and plugin. You will need a com port interface on the SEL.

    I actually am testing a new build for Linux with another user to hopefully iron out some bugs on the Linux side of things
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      Set up

      Thanks for the reply, I purchased the Homeseer Zee S2 controller, and currently have it setup with the RS-232 serial controller for Radio RA (Legacy). I am able to turn lights on and off.
      I am trying to get the Voice commands to work VIA Alexa

      I am also trying to get events to run. I am able to set them up but it doesn't seem to be running. I wanted an event to turn off outside spot lights 30 mins after sunrise.

      Also how to I make a light dimmable?


      Any help with both set ups would be appreciated.