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HomeSeer Integration With Lutron RadioRA (classic)

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    HomeSeer Integration With Lutron RadioRA (classic)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum and was recently directed here by HomeSeer customer service who couldn't answer my question which was as follows:
    "I have a Lutron Radio RA classic system and I’m trying to discern if any of your products are compatible with it,
    and if so, what controls and functions would be accessible.

    My system consists of:
    3 RadioRA Grafik Eye GRX-6
    Chronos RA-SBT-CHR System Bridge and Timeclock
    RA-NET-120 RS232 interface connected to the Chronos
    Multiple Master Controls

    The RA-NET-120 allows me to operate switches/dimmers over LAN but is very cumbersome to make any setting changes.

    I see you offer the Blade BLRadioRA Software Plugin for HS3, but am not clear on its functionality.

    Thank you for your assistance"

    So what hardware/software do I need to purchase?
    I'm currently running the RA-NET-120 web-based software on a MacBook Pro and and iPhone.
    What would I gain with the HomeSeer interface?
    Is there documentation available?

    Thank you

    Fortunately you have two options. None involves RA-NET-120 so you can sell or donate this device. You don't need it for your HS3 integration.

    1. Connect your HS3 computer to the serial port of the Chronos Bridge. If your computer doesn't have serial port than use one of the USB to serial adapters/cables widely available. If your computer is far from your Chronos Bridge than use "serial over IP" adapter.

    2. Assign zone numbers for each one of your switches and dimmers using "Serial RS232" menu of your Chronos Bridge. This is somewhat weird but this is how RAdioRA is designed. Each dimmer or switch has it's own Radio address, but to reach it by serial interface you need to assign it also serial address/zone number that can be different from the radio address.

    3. Option 1. Buy BLRadioRA plug-in for HS3. It does work. I have very large RadioRA system that is maxed out 2 x 32 zones and BLRadioRA plug-in does work very well. Blade is very responsive but it is unlikely for you to need any help as the plug-in is quite polished and does everything you may need. It will create HS3 devices for each one of your switches, dimmers, Graphic eyes that you can easily control by HS3. Furthermore, it will recognize button presses on your master controls so that you can use your master controls as an additional UI to your HS3.

    4. Option 2. Buy Big5 plug-in for serial communication. Send commands to your switches and dimmers directly. Commands and responses are listed here More work here for you and the only advantage is that Big5 is universal plug-in that can be used for many other applications.


      Thanks risquare,
      Do you have a Windows PC always connected to your Lutron system or do you have some type of hub?
      Are you using a Chronos or RA-RS232?
      I see that HomeSeer has an iOS app for iPhones and iPads.
      Does that mean that once the HS3 is configured via the PC, that the iOS device can also change light settings or am I just back to where I am with the RA-NET-120, operating devices without any control except ON/OFF?