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    New advanced feature request

    It's about using RadioRA master controls to control external (Non RadioRA) equipment or to trigger HS3 events.

    It is all explained on pages 13 and 26 of this document

    BLRadioRA does not cover it now.

    It can be done in two stages

    1. Easy one - one time action only is needed by BLRadioRA

    - add config page for user to select a) master controls and b) buttons of the master controls that will be used for controlling HS3 events/external devices
    - send one time command LC, ... (described on page 26) this could be part of the config page (submit button).

    with this functionality in place, users will be able to start HS3 events and control external devices by pressing RadioRA Master Control buttons

    2. Action when button is pressed.

    - watch for button presses and toggle the LED status by the same command LC,.... (described on page 26) within 2 sec. as described in paragraph 4 on page 13.

    this functionality will allow user not only to control external devices but also to know what their status is on/off.

    You'll also want to log your feature request on Blade's website: