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    Master Controller - LED Settings

    Excuse me for being dense if that is the case, but I am just now getting around to using this plugin and HS3 (have registered your plugin).

    I am trying to figure out how to do the following: I have a 5 button wall mount master controller that I have sent an LED command to that enables me to trigger events now. The issue is when I try to create an event that sets the LED status based on the button's value where I get into trouble.

    The goal is press the button, fire an event, turn a device on and set the LED to on. Press the same button, turn a device off, set the LED off. Can you explain how this would be done using your plugin?

    I have been working on this for awhile, but I'm sure the moment I post this I'll figure it out...seems to always happen that But just in case, would you mind lending me a clue?

    P.S. It seems like the answer may be to have an event generated based on a MBP instead of a value change.

    Edited: Summarized below in post made to BLPlugin Support Page.
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      OK I will have to wrap my head around the plugin again as it has been quite a while since I have looked at it. I wrote it because my brother in law needed it for HS3 because the HS one was not getting updated.

      Can you please log a help desk ticket on my web site and detail out what you have said here.

      Turn on debug logging on the plugin options web page and perform the steps which are causing the issue, then turn off debug logging and indicate the steps you did and exactly at what point causes the issue.

      I am sure it is something easy to fix.
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        Background, the master controller operates in two modes. The default mode where buttons are directly assigned to devices and scenes, and the secondary mode. The secondary mode is what I am describing as it is necessary to use buttons to control HS Events. To get a master controller into this mode you must send it a singe LED command to any button. After this, the master controller will operate in this second mode.

        Now when you physically press button 1 on master controller 1, depending on the state of the LED it will send one of two messages across the network.

        MBP,01,01,OFF (if the LED was currently on)
        MBP,01,01,ON (if the LED was currently off).

        Pressing of the button sends this message only and absolutely nothing else (it doesn't turn off or on the led of the button, leaving it in the same state it was when you pressed the button)

        Lutron decided that it would be up to the user to send the LED command back to the master controller to change the state of the LED based on their own logic. That's why we have the LED command and independent control of the led state.

        So in the example above if I wanted the first press of the button to turn something ON and the LED was already off, I would press the button and you would see MBP,01,01,ON indicating that the button was turned on. But guess what, If I did nothing else and counted to five and pressed the button again, I would see MBP,01,01,ON (the led was still off so it still thinks its a turn on press). So to avoid this I needed to tell the master controller to do something after the first press

        Let's try again. I press the button, MBP,01,01,ON then I send "LC,1,1,ON" to turn on the LED for that button. Count to five. Press the button again and I see MBP,01,01,OFF so I send LC,1,1,OFF to make the button's LED Match.

        No that you understand how this should work.

        The problem is how the plugin is written. To trigger events off a MBP event we need to be able to send that LC,1,1,ON signal to the keypad without re-triggering an event based on the value change of the HS virtual device and getting stuck in a loop. I press the button, the virtual device associated with the button registers it as ON, I send the LC,1,1,ON command and the event re-triggers (this is not correct).

        Sending an LC (led control) command should be completely decoupled from the HS virtual device's value. I should never be able to trigger an event based on a device value change by setting the LED.

        Independent LED control is actually a good thing. For example I can write a script that says if the den lamp turns on, then set the led of button 1 on without firing an event based on the status change of button 1 (in other words I can show status by changing the LED state without triggering an event as though the button was actually pressed). But currently I can not with how the plugin is written.

        How to fix this.

        Decouple the sending or receiving of LC commands from any change in the virtual device linked with he RadioRA master controllers button.

        Hope this helps.


          OK I think I understand. It is tough when I do not have the RadioRA system but I think I know where you are coming from now.
          I will look into it this week and let you know when I have a new build for you to try out.
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            you latest update fixed the issue, GREAT JOB

            I have close the support ticket on your site.

            No that I have started really getting back into using RadioRA, I am noticing a few other issues as they relate to master Controllers. Are you doing anything withe Raise/lower events on the keypads? Take a look at the protocol guide. Those event should allow some to brighten and dim groups of lights. Let me know if you want bit of help with all of this. i HAVE a radio ra setup, so it might be easier to provide some assistance.

            just let me know.


              Try 2.0.5 in the HS3 updater
              I have added event actions for raise,lower, and stop raise/lower
              Let me know
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