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Lutron Classic RadioRa Integration

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  • Lutron Classic RadioRa Integration

    Spoke to the good people at HomeSeer and they pointed me in your direction. I'm looking to integrate my 2004 vintage RadioRa system into a Home Automation system. I have the Lutron Chronos System Bridge controlling the system today. The question I have is - do I need a serial converter cable, like the TU-S9, along with one of the HomeSeer controllers to speak to my RadioRa devices or will your Plug-In speak wireless to the RadioRa devices? If the latter, would I still need the Chronos bridge?

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    The BLRadioRA plugin uses a serial interface to connect to the RadioRA system
    I am not sure what the interface is called for RadioRA but a serial connection is required
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      My RadioRA system is using the "Lutron RadioRA RA-RS232 Serial Interface" and BLRadioRA plugin. This is RadioRA not RadioRA2. Works great for me.


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        You mentioned that you have are using the ra-rs232 interface along with the plugin. I also have a ra-rs232 interface activated in my original radioRA system, but am having trouble controlling my lights using the plugin. The interface displays "rc" indicating that a valid command has been received from the plugin; however, the lights will not turn off or on with plugin command. Did you do anything more than activate the serial interface with your repeaters? There must be something I am doing wrong as everything appears to be communicating with the exception of the ra-rs232 to the lights. Any light you or anyone else can shed on this will be greatly appreciated.
        Thanks, Mike


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          I'll also add that I've programmed my two other mater controllers into the ra-rs232 as well a few zones. Thanks!