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How to get Classic RadioRA working with HS3

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    How to get Classic RadioRA working with HS3

    I recently purchased a SEL-PRO and have connected it to a Lutron Ra-Rs232 interface via a TU-S9 USB to Serial adapter. After installing the BLRadioRA plugin I can't seem to get the RadioRA system "communicating" with Homeseer. I entered "/dev/ttyUSB0" as the com port in the options section of the plugin. I am not sure if this was the correct port to use - I don't know how to select the "correct" port. Any help on how to get this up and running will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    Split the task

    Split the task into two. First make sure that your computer sees the serial port.
    It should show as comxx port where xx is an integer. Also set it up at 9600 bps speed and the customary settings for parity, stop bits etc.
    After you are done with it than plug the port number in the RadiaRa plug-in settings.