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  • Monoprice Stitch Motion Sensor


    Monoprice is selling a wifi motion sensor. It is suspected to be a Tuya based device. If so will your PI support it?


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    Those do appear to be Tuya devices, but I have not found direct confirmation. I emailed Monoprice to confirm, and I also ordered one via Amazon (not prime so will be here in about a week). I'll confirm after I receive it (I'm about 95% sure, but would hate for you to but one on that an find out its not).


    p.s. Side note; I think I asked in another thread but you may have missed it. Perchance your name John and used to work at SSD?


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      Cool, Thanks.

      Yes it is me. You asked me privately and I responded.

      Been doing HomeSeer for many years but haven't been on the forum much until recently.

      Good to see you around here!



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        Hey sorry, missed the PM response. Nice to see a friendly name! Hope you are well.


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          John, I contacted Mono price and one of their support 'specialists' emailed me that the device is NOT Tuya based. It was too late to cancel my Amazon order so it arrived yesterday, guess what, it IS a Tuya device . Immediately registered and is full supported in all the versions since I first added motion support, so you are good to go. I like these, only Tuya motion sensors I've seen with dual battery and a USB option. Also the entire face doesn't flash blue like the others on detection, I will be buying more. Thanks for the lead!


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            That's great to hear! Monoprice probably just wants you to stay in their ecosystem - easier to support maybe.
            I will be getting a few for testing. Hopefully battery life won't be too much of an issue.

            How is the response time?


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              btw, Monoprice currently has these on sale for $19.69 with free shipping.


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                Quick update, while the motion is correctly captured, the device supports boolean for battery vs USB. That today is showing as on/off. Its not critical put Ill update the graphics/text (control values will stay the same, but I doubt you are triggering on battery state ,)


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                  bsobel where is your cps Tuya plugin? has it been pulled? I wanted to try and test this for a Tuya based product i have just purchased.

                  i can't see it in the updater under any category, the only plugins i can see of yours is Cps Flash, Cps Tags & SceneMaster