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  • Adding Devices?

    I've gotten my first Tuya device. I can add it with the app just fine but it doesnt seem to show up in the CPS Tuya app. I tried to add it with the smart link side of things but it just sits there. Do I need to be running this relay app on a laptop or something to find the device?

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    So you selected Start Smartlink on the Smartlink tab? Did you push the on/off button during the scan? The only other gotach that I know of with this plugin is your HS3 server has to be connected to the same WIFI network as the device wirelessly.


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      I was able to get this working. Used my laptop with the relay. Thanks


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        Are there any guides on how to add a device to the plugin?
        I am trying to add a "Wifi smart PIR motion sensor"
        I have set up an account using the Smart Life app on my mobile phone and the PIR is connected using the app.
        however when I try to use the CPS Tuya plugin which is on my PC - it cant see /find the PIR.
        My PC is connected directly to my wirless router (2.4MHz).

        The relay function doesnt seem to do anything.. again I cant see any guide on how to use or install the relay software.

        a sticky that provides a basic guide would be good.....
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          I would like to know how to use this plugin also.


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            You want to remove the device fromt he app you can't have it in the app and in Homeseer plugin only 1 place at a time. After you do that get a laptop and run the Tuyarelay app and check the box that says relay only. Put the device in discover mode and clikc the smartlink button.l