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    Plugin Status/Updater

    I'm looking at ordering a few LOHAS multicolor smart bulbs and I believe they would work with this plugin so I had a few questions.

    1) I can't find this plugin in the updater. I'm running HS3 on the RPi. Does that make a difference?
    2) Is there a cost for the plugin?
    3) Do those bulbs work with the plugin and has anyone used them? Any feedback or suggestions on other brands that might be better?
    4) Would I be able to assign the colors in the plugin or do I still have to use the app? How do they work together?


    I'm looking at this too. I think we must DL the latest ZIP & Updater File from here...


      The plugin is still in development so it is not in the HS store yet. Actually, it probably never will be since the developer announced that he's going to open source it.

      To get the latest plugin, simple download the updater_overrider.txt file and place it into your HS3 root directory. You don't have to download the ZIP file directly.


      Then go to Plugins->Manage->Additional Interfaces and install the plugin. This step will download and unzip the latest package.


      - I've never tested on the RPi but that's not why you can't find it.
      - No cost since it's still in development, but the downside is it expires every once in a while.
      - Those bulbs don't look like Tuya bulbs. The key is to look for "SmartLife" in the description.
      - This plugin does not use the same Tuya registration DB as the App. You can only use one or the other. Colors are assigned from the plugin using a color picker.