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DMX512 Question

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  • DMX512 Question

    Please post your question here

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    I am super excited about a DMX512 plug-in! I've been planning a work around, using falcon pi player, and it's physical switch capabilities, paired with another pi, and the pi plugin to use relays to activate show sequences. Crude, and an unreliable in timing.

    How are you thinking we can create sequences and shows, and how will timing be controlled precisely?


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      you can use the event, what I see it is quick, I did't play with it from last fall, my projet is for exterior, I should get back on it soon. if the event is not accurate I can incorporate in the code.

      sorry for the delay, I forgot to activate the follow of this post.


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        No worries! I can absolutely use this for scene setting on architectural lighting. Would love to start integrating it!