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Log Shows Strange Info - What Is It?

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    I assume this thread started based upon data in the HS log. It looks to be info produced by mcsHubitat. This means it will not matter how HE is is configured, but does depend upon what is being sent by MakerAPI. That is why I suggested using the debug capability built into mcsHubitat.


      I assume you got the info I sent to you by PM. It is a result of putting mcsHubitat in debug mode as you suggested. Did this info help at all? Is there something else I need to do?


        Attached is an update that contains addition info about the Log Changes flag in the debug output. It also corrects the Log Changes flag during initialization of the Settings page. With prior versions it was initialized to the same as the debug flag. If it solves the problem then I will remove the additional debug if not then look in the debug file for something like ' UpdateDevice 7696 Log Setting: True". In your case I would expect the Log Changes setting to be False.

        This thread really belongs in the HS4 forum, but I do not think I have privileges to move it.
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