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Troubleshooting the 8806 LED string (after possible damage)??

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  • Troubleshooting the 8806 LED string (after possible damage)??


    I have a friend who was really really stupid and accidentally soldered his 2m string of LEDs to my, I mean his, power supply with the polarity reversed... (He was having issues with unruly teenagers at the time).

    Clearly my really stupid friend believes he likely fried the string, because it didn't work when issuing the test "hyperion-remote" command at the Linux prompt on the pi. I then wondered if it was possible that only some of the ICs were killed. If that were the case, it might be worth chopping up the string and trying various subsections.

    Alternatively, it might just be possible that there were enough ESD clamping diodes on all these chips to, together, sink the the 6A (!) available from my P/S. I don't want to jump to conclusions.

    Is there a simple way to troubleshoot the string? Any hints?


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    if only some of the ICs were killed, it's probably the first ones, so you could try to connect the string on the other end.

    do you have another string to test with? i.e are you sure hyperion is correctly installed and configured and that the pi is correctly connected to the string?
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      I have another string on order but it won't be here for a bit. In the interim, is there a way I can confirm the installation is, indeed, correct?

      I can issue the hyperion-remote command given in the hardware install instructions, and the system does not complain, and claims to be sending Red to the LED string. Is this enough to be convincing that the software is installed correctly?

      The other thing I'm likely to try is to dig out my old 'scope and look for activity on the pins.

      Have you seen any problems with the 5V logic triggering with 3.3V signals?



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        For the benefit of anyone reading this thread in the future.

        The string did survive having its power supply connected in reverse. 6A over 2 meters of string. Not recommended, but don't throw away a string simply because of something like this, until other potential problems have been eliminated.

        After installing an appropriate configuration file in /etc/ all is well. I caused myself some hassle by missing out that step.