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RGB+W support?

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  • RGB+W support?

    This plugin looks awesome.

    One question, will it be possible to use RGB+W strips?

    Like this: 1M 3.2FT LPD8806 LED RGB+W RGBW White Strip
    Or similar.


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    this kind of strip is a mix of RGB LED and White LED?
    what's your use for this?

    this plugin is compatible with any strip that hyperion supports. The LPD8806 RGB work for sure, not sure about the LPD8806 White ones.
    Hyperion is originally designed for ambilight effects so I don't think it has ever been tested with white LEDs. That being said it's an open source software, and it's easy to develop new effects with simple python script:, so it should not be too difficult to create a new effect that only turn on/off the white LEDs.


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      The idea was to switch between RGB lighting effects and normal dimmable lights.

      It's no big deal, I can easily just use a separate strip in parallel.

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        The RGB strings can be used to make white light, simply by activating all the colors together.

        Furthermore, the color of white can be adjusted to be exactly what you want by making small adjustments. If it looks to "cool" (which is, ironically, a high color temperature) then turn down the Blue LED a little.

        I think the RGB strings can do just what you want.



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          I kinda expected the white not to be really white.
          Just ordered a rgb strip and will test it. Thanks!


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            Well, there is no single definition of what is meant by "white". With a white made by adding independently controllable R,G,B you can adjust the color of "white" to match the other lights in your room, or to get redder as the sun sets etc etc.



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              yeah, with my LPD8806 RGB strips I can get white that is "really" white, as opposed to some cheap RGB LED Bulbs I have from which it is impossible to get white.

              Doug, does it mean you finally get your strip working?


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                Hi Spud,

                Well, actually I was just answering the color mixing question from knowledge I have through my work, but as it happens, I got my LED string working tonight! But.... Not with Hyperion/Raspberry Pi.

                Here's the whole story... After the experience of my "friend" connecting the string's power and ground backwards, I finally decided to do some proper debug.

                So, after some fiddling around, checking connections, checking grounding, even swapping in a different R-Pi, I wasn't getting proper results. I could get some LEDs to come on, but it was more or less just noise. I could see the first LED in the string respond, incorrectly, to commands from the hyperion-remote program. Next I put a 'scope on it and found plausible looking signals, but only at the 3.3V level from the Pi, so I buffered them up with some trivial CMOS logic to 5V. Still not working right.

                So, then I decided to try an alternative, simpler, microcontroller and so I dug out an Arduino Uno from the basement and programmed it with the test program from Adafruit. Bingo! In less time than it took to write this post I had the string running through some nice test sequences. The string seems to be working perfectly and seems none the worse from the abuse it suffered.

                So, the question is, what is wrong with my Hyperion setup? I can ping the Pi from the Homeseer machine, that seems fine.
                Hyperion-remote on the Pi seems to work without complaint.
                The Pi's GPIO is giving plausible signals, and clock and data are wired correctly, (though I tried swapping them, of course!).
                Buffering up to 5V didn't help.
                The power supply is a decent one and is stable at 5.04V and is working fine with the string as I sit here.
                But if I do the simple hyperion-remote --color red, etc etc type of test, I get pathetic twitchings from the first LED, of frequently the wrong color, if anything.
                Trying to control the string from Homeseer doesn't work either.

                Is there some software configuration on the Pi that could be broken or missing? I feel like it isn't simply a hardware problem, at this point...

                I could take a fresh flash card and try a complete reinstall, but that seems like it shouldn't be necessary. Any thoughts on what to try next with Hyperion on the Pi???

                BTW, this LED string is great! If I wasn't so cheap, I mean sensible with money, I could imagine putting them all over the place outside for holiday lights alone! More generally, I can see some excellent accent lighting is in our future.



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                  Originally posted by DMcKnight View Post
                  I could take a fresh flash card and try a complete reinstall, but that seems like it shouldn't be necessary. Any thoughts on what to try next with Hyperion on the Pi???
                  Have you generated an hyperion config file with HyperCon? The default one is for ws2801 not for ldp8806.
                  Attached is the one I use for a 2 meter ldp8806 strip. You have to remove the .txt extension and copy it to /etc/
                  Note: the default one in /etc/ is a symbolic link to /opt/hyperion/config/hyperion.config.json, so you can either overwrite this one and keep the symbolic link, or delete the symbolic link and put it in /etc/ directly.
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                    That's probably the problem. I missed that somehow...

                    I'll do that this evening.


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                      Indeed that was the problem. I ftp'ed your config file over and all is well.