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Insteon 2413U with MSandler Installation

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  • mnsandler

    for a Linux based system, use the something like following for the Port name:

    /dev/ttyUSB0 is USB
    /dev/ttyUSB1 is USB, etc.

    You need to know which usb port the PLM is connected to.

    ps. I moved your post to a new thread, you had originally replied to the Feature Request thread.

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  • paweng
    started a topic Insteon 2413U with MSandler Installation

    Insteon 2413U with MSandler Installation

    I'm not sure if this post will make it through however I need to get a procedure for installing a Insteon 2413 USB onto a HS3 HST Zee S2. I now familiar with bulletin Boards nor a real fan however it is what it is I just need this working and with only a few days left before the MS Insteon Plug In expires and I move onto Z-Wave alternatives. I would really like it to work.

    That being said after installing the PlugIn and then pluging in a 2413 USB from Insteon Store I cannot get the Zee S2 Hometroller to recognize the 2413. HELP.
    I've installed an Insteon 2413 USB on a S6 Hometroller S6 and it went rather smoothly but then again that was a Windows based system and this is and the Zee S2 I think is a Lynx based system.
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