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Insteon vs z-wave

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    Originally posted by JimSpy View Post

    Yes, I agree. We are each personally responsible for voting the right people into office, who can develop and manage our power infrastructure competently! 🤪🏭⚛

    (I know, off topic, I'll stop now.)
    I agree Jim. Also a cautionary tale for these fly-by-night power providers that deregulation brought us. I get at least one direct mail a week from them. Most of them are undercapitalized and don't bother to hedge, so when the power cost goes through the roof a la Texas, all they do it pass on that variable rate to their customers. Most people probably shouldn't be on a variable rate plan unless you have a really good understanding of what you're agreeing to .....

    I have a relative who does energy trading, and specifically in Texas. It was a mess for that week, for sure .....

    (Sorry for the topic deviation as well, I'll stop now)


      Originally posted by Larry68 View Post
      So, what does Insteon do that z-wave cannot?

      I am migrating to z-wave, but before I completely remove Insteon, what can it do that z-wave cannot?
      Insteon gives you instant ON/OFF for scenes. It uses both the power line and RF so that you can get hard to reach devices to work better then Z-Wave. You do not have to worry about network repairs for big installations. To me it also appears to respond faster. I do use both at the same time. What Z-wave does better is in 3 phase installations the power line on Insteon is disabled. Z-wave has many more devices and new ones coming out all the time.