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Insteon vs z-wave

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  • joegr
    The big one that stands out are the 8 key and 6 key keypads. Beyond those, you really should look at the Insteon devices available. SmartHome is a good place to do that. One other point for Insteon over Z-wave is that it uses power line communication as well as RF. All devices automatically repeat messages, so you don't have to set up routes through devices like you do with Z-wave.

    I also use Z-wave because Z-wave had more choices in thermostats (and didn't need an extra plugin), and because there are some good Z-wave door locks. The one Insteon door lock out there is one way only, so you never know what state it really is in.

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  • Larry68
    started a topic Insteon vs z-wave

    Insteon vs z-wave

    So, what does Insteon do that z-wave cannot?

    I am migrating to z-wave, but before I completely remove Insteon, what can it do that z-wave cannot?