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    Burrington, it has been changed but I do not have a way to see the old info .. and a couple of the devices have been added after the PLM change.

    Mark, your suggestions seem to have worked .. thank you very much .. I just have one question .. how could these links get established in the first place .

    Thanks to both for your thoughts and suggestions ..



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      Burrington, yes it has been changed, but do not know the old address .. as well, a couple of devices reflecting the issue, were installed well after the change.

      Mark, it seems that your recent suggestion solved most of the issues. One question will the plugin allow normal linking for 2852-222 Leak detector?

      Thanks both on helping me get to this point.



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        the links with the unknown insteon id are most likely from your old plm. they just never got updated during the sway (if you did one).

        run the 'reprogram device for homeseer' on other devices that have the unknown id, and then reread the links, and delete the links that have the unknown ID

        the leak detector is supported. remember to put it into linking mode before attempting to register it with the plugin.

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          And remember to take the leak detector OUT of linking (programming) mode before moving on to the next device. Same applies to all your RF devices. Usually you do that by pressing the program/set button two more times until the led stops blinking. Otherwise if its still in linking mode when you start programming the next device, it will pick up links for the next device. Took me a while to figure out why my leak detectors kept having links that weren't supposed to be there....