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Insteon Groups and Alexa

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    Insteon Groups and Alexa

    I did a large amount of maintenance on my Insteon setup this weekend after needing to replace my PLM, mostly around manually adding devices that the 'swap' operation couldn't reach, but also cleaning up a significant number of bad links. Everything looks pristine now -- crosslinks for three-way switches are all working; my HS3 events from motion sensors and door sensors are working; all HS3 devices seem to be working.

    What doesn't work any more are some of my Insteon groups via the Alexa Smarthome skill. One of my last 'cleanup' activites was to have Alexa forget all my devices and rediscover them. That worked for all real and virtual devices, but did NOT work for some of my groups. In particular, I have two floor lamps in my office named 'Lamp 1' and 'Lamp 2'. I have an Insteon group named 'Study Lamps' with those two devices in it. It works from the HS3 web GUI and from an HSTouch UI that I have. The Alexa skill, though, says 'Study doesn't support that' when I try to turn the group on or off.

    I've tried a number of things that haven't helped (and this has previously been working for many, many months). I'm not sure what to check.


    please check the definition of the hs group devices. the On and Off controls should be associated with the Control use On and Off. Also, i think you need to enable the Voice Command setting

    HS3 Pro
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