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  • Event Strangeness

    For a while now I've been having problems with Events controlling Insteon devices in Groups. The specific problem is this: Many times I have edited an Insteon Group and deleted members, but when the Event triggers, it still seems to control the deleted devices. For example, my garage door "lock" (an IOLinc) locks at sunset. I had it doing that for a while until WAF tanked and I had to delete that IOLinc from my sunset group. But guess what happens at sunset? It still turns off. It's like muscle memory or something. That's just one of many examples.

    So, do I...
    1. Delete the entire Group and start over, redefining members sans the IOLinc?
    2. Delete the related Event and start over?
    3. Could this be a clogged PLM issue? And if so, do I...
    4. Click Update Interface Database or...
    5. Click Reset and Reprogram Interface? (I confess to not knowing the difference between these two...)
    As usual, should you be caught or captured, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your activities. Good luck.

    Correction: It's not an IOLinc, just a relay. The IOLinc is the actual garage door controller. Not that it matters....

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    So, after you edited the group, you selected clicked "Save changes and reprogram group" and just got the success messages? Did you check the log for any issues? You don't have the problem devices directly linked to any other members of the group?


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      if devices are still responding to groups, then the responder link didn't get deleted. delete it manually from the device edit links page.

      there is a reprogram group function on the Edit Group page that should rebuild missing links.

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