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Insteon Plug in stops working after power interruptions (HS3 Rpi3b+)

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    Originally posted by mnsandler View Post

    i dont see anything unusual in the log you provided. there might be older hs log database files in the homeseer log folder. you should be able to open them with a sqlite database browser tool.

    If hs is locking up, there is something else going on. the plugin runs in its own memory space, so if the plugin crashes, it has no impact on HS.

    I don't know anything about the platform you are running HS on, but you should find some tools that will allow you to monitor running processes, and a tool to review OS logs to see if they can shed any light on what's going on.
    Here is my concern: - I purchased a turn key HS3Rpi image and a turnkey plugin from HomeSeer. Why am I getting push back to troubles shoot the turn key image?
    - You've indicated you do not know linux or the Rpi yet you represent HomeSeer and charge for your product. Anything I ever wrote software for
    I had my own system at home running it.
    - The fault logging methods in the plugin seems totally inadequate for you to support it.

    Bottom line is Insteon stops working after power interruptions and no one at Homeseer seems to have a system running to test these turn key images. Other on here have expressed the same frustrations for at least as long as I have. Can I help you get help from HS by escalating to them or will you be working your partnership with them to troubleshoot your part of the turn key image? All I ask is I get the tested turn key product I paid for.

    Please advise.




      I have been working with you on this for more than 2 weeks. Can you please run the tests from post #35 above and post the hs log. or hit the Generate on my plugin and post those logs, or better yet post both.My logging is centered around exception handling. if the plugin just crashes its probably not going to log anything; the OS should capture that event.


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        OK. Will do. Keep in mind the HSlogs are not ascii and are too large for the forum attachments and I am not comfortable trying to slice up a database file.Simulated power fails with logging coming up as per post #35...more to come... thanks.