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    Offline HomeSeer ZeeS2

    OK this isn’t really a Mark thing but I’m frustrated and want a little group feedback from a very knowledgeable group. Last year I was still using HS3 on a Thinkpad PC and all X10 modules to control many lights around the house. I went away for a month and 3 days into my trip there was a power failure that drained the UPS and when power was restored the UPS did not turn on so all lights were stuck on in night mode for the remainder of my trip.

    Fast forward to now. I replaced all but a few X10 with Insteon modules and now use a HomeSeer ZeeS2 controller and Mark’s plugin. I got rid of the UPS. I’m on another month long trip and 18 days in the controller is offline and all lights are stuck on in night mode!! How reliable is that Zee controller? In my experience it is totally unreliable. So much so that when I get back I am going to put the Zee and the PLM on a TP-Link HS 110 wifi controlled power outlet so I can power down/up the whole shebang next time this happens.

    I recall some kind of timed restart line in the HS3 setup that reboots the unit every so often. Is that worth using?

    I can't comment on the ZeeS2, but for a PC, you need to go into the BIOS setup and change the power on setting to Always On. That way when the PC sees the power go back on, it powers up and boots up. The default setting is to stay off until the power button is pressed. I remember that the BIOS setting was somewhat hidden in a place that wasn't obvious, but you can google it for instructions. Not hard to do.

    The second thing you need to do on a PC is set it up to log in automatically and load HS3 automatically. There are instructions on the HS board if you google "Start HS3 automatically".


      I use an event to reboot my system 3 times a month. I run under Linux. My homeseer is run as a service from systemd so I use systemd to call a bash script to close homeseer before the reboot. I started this as mono and had memory leaks. I think you would have to run (taskkill /F /IM "process name.exe") and then a (shutdown \r).

      I have not had a corruption of the system and have been running on Linux for ~1.5 years.

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        Originally posted by Burrington View Post
        I can't comment on the ZeeS2, but for a PC, you need to go into the BIOS setup and change the power on setting to Always On...
        Oh I had the PC set up as you say to restart and load HS3, but it was the UPS that did not come back on after the long power fail. The PC is now no longer used anyway.