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    6 BUTTON Key Pad Link


    I know we have talked before about this, but is this the best way to toggle a device on and off key pad link using 2 buttons?
    This is the only way i can get everything to look right when setting via HS control panel.


    That looks right. you can create a insteon group to control the amy fan and lights, and the use one insteon acti0n to control them at once

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      Hi Mark,

      That actually did not end up working correctly, but this is what i did do.
      1) Set the 6 Button Key Link to Toggle ON for Buttons A (On) & B (Off)
      2) In Buttons Links I Linked A (On) to turn Off Button (B) and turn on Micro Fan Module. Note; just linked not crossed link.
      Then Linked Button B (Off) to turn off Button (A) and then turn off Micro Fan Module. Again did not cross link then.
      3) Then went in to Device Control set Buttons A & B to Status Only.
      4) Then created two manual events to turn device on & off by scheduler, because if one used HS to turn On/Off buttons would get out of sync and Device would never go off.

      The only thing I don't know is how a power off catch up would change this...

      In the end it works as it should fan goes on when user press button A(On) and A(On) Light comes on and button *B(Off) light goes out, then when the user presses button B(Off)
      Fan goes off and Button A(On) light goes off and Button B(Off) light goes On.
      Just seems like a lot of work to keep every thing in sync, but at least it is done.