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Changed registration - Plug-in won't start

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    Changed registration - Plug-in won't start

    How do I re-install the plugin?

    If I remove the plugin, and reinstall it, it "remembers" my license - so it actually did not completely remove the plugin.
    I want to re-enter my license information - The reason is that me registration at MyHS was deleted and my new registration is a different E-mail address. (login)
    I think that is preventing the plugin from loading.

    So when I re-install the plugin, the plug-in anme "Insteon" is black (can't click on it), the "License (click to change)" shows "Licensed (license ID xxxx)" but I cannot click to change,and the "Plug-in Status" is: INFO: Plugin start is pending. See below.
    N/A N/A Licensed (License ID xxxxxx)
    INFO: Plugin start is pending
    Any thoughts?????



    did you try restarting HS completely to get the plugin started? and power cycle the interface (plm or hub)

    I dont know how to clear out the plugin licensing info; that is all managed by HS. there is a config\licenses.bin file. i think if you delete it, you will be asked to re-enter all your licenses. so only do this if you have all the info including the hs3 license info. You may want to check in with HST on this first.

    please post back what you find

    HS3 Pro
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    Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory


      Thanks for the quick response.
      I had been looking for the files with license info - kinda hard to miss that one!

      Regardless, deleting (renaming) the license file worked.