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  • Backup

    Thanks for reminders to backup. I am concerned that I many not be completing the backup correctly or at least not enough. The helpful reminders state"
    As always, make backups of your entire HS3 setup
    ". By using the backup feature in Homeseer (Setup tab/Configuration/Backup Config...) sufficient or am I missing something?

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    If you are using HSTouch/Designer, I believe you have to backup separately. I would make a backup of the entire HomeSeer directory structure at least once a month as well. You can do this through scheduled tasks. If something fails you have everything. If you copy to a usb drive you have protection against ransomware attack as well.

    I backup my entire directory to a NAS device twice a week. I copy files to offline USB once a month.


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      Thanks for the info. I'm wondering why so frequent of a backup for HS. I backup after I make changes and apparently not a complete backup. I'll work on that, but as for frequency, is there something going on with HS beyond my changes I need to back up. Thanks again, Tom


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        I am still actively working on my system and it changes daily. Backing up once a week or month is probably fine.