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re-adding lost device

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  • mnsandler
    please restore a insteon.ini and a homeseer.hsd file from the same backup

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  • Jon
    started a topic re-adding lost device

    re-adding lost device

    I'm not exactly sure what started this, but at some point a few weeks ago, my insteon DB got corrupted. So to bring it back, I copied my insteon.ini from a backup file. At the time that seemed to do the trick, but I just recently noticed that one particular device wasn't working. I noticed that the actual plugin dimmer module had a different address from what the plugin had showing. So I went and did the replace device routine, and it seemed to lockup mid process. After waiting a good 20 minutes I finally aborted and started over. I ended up with two entries for that item in the insteon ini file, so I needed to delete one of them and restart the plugin for it to work. Well after I did that, now one of my other devices has gone missing. So I copy and pasted its data entry from the backup file into the insteon.ini file and gave it a new number (one greater than the highest device number in the ini file) I started HS back up and am still not seeing this device. Am I missing a step somewhere?

    This is a device that's in a lot of events, so I'd really prefer to get it back with the same device number it used to have so I don't need to rebuild all the events.