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Insteon plugin with HS4

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    Insteon plugin with HS4

    I have migrated over to HS4, most of my devices are insteon and x10 motion sensors (about 15 of each).
    I use SimpleRF for the x10 and the insteon plugin is version
    My system has been working without any issues for the last 6 weeks (I started using the beta version and now using v4.1.1.0

    Mark, I just noticed your comment in another post stating that you will not officially supporting using the hs3 plugin with hs4.

    Do you plan to provide a supported plugin for HS4 in the future?

    I know that Mark is currently building an HS4 version of the Insteon plugin. I saw it elsewhere on this board.

    Did you know that Mark's Insteon plugin also supports X10? I was using it for a couple years and it worked well, but have since replaced most of my X10 devices with Insteon. The benefit of using a single plugin for both is that it knows when the Powerline network is busy and keeps Insteon commands from stepping on X10 and vice versa. You might be able to get rid of your SimpleRF and improve network reliability and simplify things a bit.


      Thanks for the suggestion, in the early days - i used Marks plugin for x10 powerline devices - however now the only x10 devices which I use are motion sensors.
      i find these perform better than the insteon ones. The batteries in them lasts over 12 months.
      Because they are x10 RF signaling - they dont work with the insteon USB interface.

      I find simpleRF which uses a USB to RF inteface - is able to pick up the x10 Rf signals without any problems from over 100m away.