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What's better - the hub or PLM for connectivity?

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    What's better - the hub or PLM for connectivity?

    So I've been using Insteon for a few years now with HS3, and now moving to HS4, but I've always used the USB dongle for my network.

    However, the dongle died at one point but I had a spare. At the time I looked around and it appeared that the dongle is EOL and no longer made, so I started researching other options, and it seems like there's only two: 1) PLM and 2) Hub.

    In my opinion, just based on the technology, it seems like the hub would be the most reliable since, as I understand it, it plugs in to A/C and uses power line signaling, as well as an RF signal. I don't know if the PLM is dual band as well but I'd assume so.

    But then there's all these stories about how the PLM only lasts 2-3 years and capacitors fry or something goes wrong and it has to be replaced.

    Open to thoughts, I'm sterring towards the hub since I have a brand new one and I'd be migrating devices off the HS3/USB dongle setup to a new HS4 machine with the hub attached.

    On a totally separate note I don't know if there's an easy way to migrate devices over one at a time. I plan on just deleting the device from the HS3 system and re-adding it into HS4 since the controller is changing.

    I should add the main reason I'm considering the hub is that the hardware seems a lot newer than the PLMs I've seen out there, and it "seems" like a cleaner solution.

    But then there's stories about hub users wanting to burn their hub after migrating to the PLM, so that's concerning :-)


      you are right, the PLM is dual band

      there is a function in the plugin to swap/replace the interface. it will reprogram all your devices and the new (hub or plm) with the necessary links. there are other posts on the subject.

      the choice between the plm and hub is yours. there are pros and cons for both. there are plenty of posts on the topic.

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        There's a third option to consider.....adding a Universal-Devices ISY controller.
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          My dongle died once too. But the doctor gave me a shot...

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