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Lost connection to Hub after power failure, due to delay of router / switch start up

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    Lost connection to Hub after power failure, due to delay of router / switch start up

    in the rare events if there's a power outage, when it's back the Insteon plug-in would lose connection to the hub.

    i have to manually restart the plug in to make it work again

    i think it's mainly due to the delay in startup of the router / switches ...etc.

    my router and switches take over 5 minutes to start, but HS3 takes less than a minute.

    I made an event to restart the interface but it doesn't seem to work. any suggestions?

    I think your problem is that by time the plugin detects that the interface has failed, its too late. There are already too many jobs stacked up so it overloads and can't recover.

    Here's how I resolved that issue: I use a UPS on my system, and use the BLUPS plugin to talk to it. HS disables the Insteon interface immediately when there is a power failure, which makes the plugin stop trying to talk to the dead interface. It also knows when it is recovering from a power failure and delays re-enabling the interface for a couple minutes when the power comes back on.

    Also, in my experience when the "Interface Stops Responding" it can usually get it going again on its own. When my event detects that, I just log it and send myself an informational email. However, when the "Interface Crashes", I have to make HS reboot itself. When that is detected, I log it, speak it, send myself an informational email, wait 1 minute (to allow the email to complete) and then use the BLShutDown plugin to restart HS. Not necessary to reboot the PC, just restart HS. It might be sufficient just to restart the Insteon Plugin, I'm not sure and never experimented with that.

    Since building those two features into my system, I have not had a single unrecovered interface lockup. Note that I use the Serial PLM, but I think this would all apply equally to the Hub.