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    HS4 Migration

    Hi Mark,

    I tried to get HS4 running today but am disappointed with the results. The Keypad does not show all of the buttons, and none of my Events would trigger (I believe that you have already been asked about both of those issues in other posts). I know that you are working on an HS4 version of your Plug-In. Can you please give us an update on how things are going and when you think you might have something that we can start to use?



    hs4 is supposed to support hs3 plugins. I have an email into HST on the kpl issue. The B button seems to be the only issue i've heard about.

    can you post some pics of the event/triggers that aren't firing?

    as for my hs4 plugin, i dont have a timeline. this isn't as straight forward as I originally thought. I also have to also write migration code for existing devices, triggers, and actions that exist in hs4.

    HS3 Pro
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      Reading your post pretty much confirms my thinking that upgrading from HS3 to HS4 is simply not worth the effort. My HS3 works perfectly well as is. I don’t see enough new features in HS4 to pull me forward. Glad I only paid $20 for the HS4 upgrade license. Maybe a year from now it will be all worked out to my advantage.


        I'm very anxious to start using the included Harmony Hub plugin in HS4, but I too have been holding off from the upgrade due to some of these minor issues. Events not running is a major issue.

        Mark, is there any benefit to waiting for your HS4 plugin to do the upgrade? Or would the upgrade steps be the same either way: upgrade to HS4, then upgrade/update plugins? What would you recommend to those of us who haven't upgraded to HS4 yet?
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