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Failure replacing PMU

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    ..Got NAK from the RF PLM for command
    all of these msgs indicate that the PLM is busy and can't respond to the plugin

    there is something else going on; i'll have to leave that you to figure out.

    HS3 Pro
    Hardware: Insteon Serial PLM | AD2USB for Vista Alarm | HAI Omnistat2 | 1-Wire HA7E | RFXrec433 | Dahua Cameras | LiftMaster Internet Gateway
    Plugins: Insteon (mine) | Vista Alarm (mine) | Omnistat 3 (by Kirby) | Ultra1Wire3 | RFXCOM | NetCAM | MyQ | BLRadar | BLDenon | Jon00 Charting
    Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory


      Here's one way to search for the noise.

      Turn off half the breakers to the house (of course the one(s) the PLM and HS computer are on have to be exceptions).
      Test to see if the devices still powered now respond correctly.
      No - turn the off breakers back on, and flip the on ones to off and repeat.
      Yes - turn half of the off ones back on and check to see if things still work.
      No - it's on one of the circuits you just turned back on, turn half of them off - repeat test
      Yes - turn half of the off ones on and repeat the test.

      Eventually, this should lead you to one circuit that is causing the problem. From there, you can unplug or disconnect devices one by one to find the trouble maker. Note that this may not be an Insteon device.

      If it never gets better, then the problem is on the circuit with the PC and the PLM.


        Thank you, joegr! I'll give that a try tomorrow.