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Testing a "very" basic HS4 insteon plugin

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    Testing a "very" basic HS4 insteon plugin


    This discussion is for existing long time insteon users that can run a completely separate HS4 test installation (on another pc or VM). That is, you can't use your primary HS4 installation (this pre-alpha version would ruin it). You must be able to erase the environment and start over; nothing built here will be reusable. I will not be responsible for any corruption to your main hs4 installation, and will not help restore anything.

    As an example, I have a separate HS4 dev server with a separate controller that I use for testing. My HS3 installation is on a completely different server with a different controller.

    What's functionality exists today:
    - takes an existing insteon.ini, create the new hs4 devices/features, and create standard button and slider controls.
    - has the insteon triggers and actions available.
    - provides an hs4 settings page, for setting the Interface port, and some of the standard plugin config settings.

    What is not available right now:
    No ability to upgrade anything from an existing installation
    No ability to register new devices
    No ability to change any existing device settings or op flags
    No ability to add/edit/delete links
    No ability to manage groups

    I guess I would like to know who has time and interest in doing some testing? if you think its too early, i'm open to that feedback too

    **** Please do not respond with any issues you are having running the hs3 plugin on hs4; start a new thread for those

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    I love seeing some work done towards a move to HS4, but unfortunately I do not have a test environment to test at this time. I am live on HS4, and don't mind some hiccups, so when you get closer to a beta release candidate I would be happy to test.
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