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HS-WA100P Wired 3-way Companion Switch

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    HS-WA100P Wired 3-way Companion Switch

    I was a little surprised today to learn the HomeSeer HS-WA100+ Wired 3-way Companion Switch for HomeSeer Dimmers & Switches

    I placed an order for these units and received notification they were no longer offered or Discontinued by Smarthome

    Was hoping to use these around the house

    Any idea what happened?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Insteon wa100  r1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	25.7 KB ID:	1451499


    I’m not sure what this has to do with Insteon or Smarthome, but the product is available for order on HomeSeer’s website. I guess I’m not surprised they haven’t pulled the listing, but still...

    As an alternative the Jasco companion is the same. At least that was true up to a year or so ago. HomeSeer hasn’t changed, but while unlikely, Jasco might have.

    Jasco builds GE Z-Wave device. Here is a GE companion.



      Many thanks for the update... this device was listed with the other Insteon devices on their website.... ..

      It's like a Pinto sitting on a chevy car lot... "it was a car for sale they told me it was a vett"

      so I thought it was in the Insteon Family hum.... my mistake.

      I will checkout the other devices.