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SynchroLinc Settings - How To Set Properly

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    SynchroLinc Settings - How To Set Properly

    After some problems, research and testing on a SynchroLinc, I discovered that it does not work the way I always thought it does. I had intuitively assumed that the Threshold was the center point, and Hysteresis was added to and subtracted from the Threshold to get the ON and OFF values. That is NOT correct!

    Even though SynchroLinc is no longer available, I thought I would document how to set it properly for anyone else who still uses them. Here is what the settings actually mean:

    1) Trigger Threshold (Watts): This is the TURN OFF value. If the load drops below this value, SynchroLinc sends an OFF indication.

    2) Hysteresis (Watts): This is added to the OFF level (Threshold) to give the ON level. In other words, when the load is above Threshold + Hysteresis, SynchroLinc sends an ON indication. Hysteresis only affects the ON level, it does not affect the OFF level.

    3) Holdoff (Sec): This is the minimum time that a load must be stable before an ON or OFF indication is sent. Also known as a "debounce" time, it prevents false indications for loads that have short blips in the power. For example, my fridge gives a couple short blips above and below the threshold when the compressor starts. Setting the Holdoff to a couple seconds eliminates the false ON/OFF/ON indication.

    For example if we set:
    Threshold = 30 W
    Hysteresis = 70 W
    Holdoff = 2 sec

    SynchroLinc will give an OFF indication whenever the load drops below 30 watts. It will give an ON indication whenever the load goes above 100 watts (30 + 70). If the load is between 30 and 70 watts, there is no change - the indication stays the same as it was.

    SynchroLinc will not send an ON or OFF indication until it has been below 30 watts, or above 100 watts for at least 2 seconds. So a short on or off blip of say 1.5 seconds will be ignored and no indication will be sent. Note that the indications are also delayed by 2 seconds, which could be an issue in some applications.