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Insteon Plug-In Revision History

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    Insteon Plug-In Revision History

    I will continue to update this thread as I release new versions

    HS3 (10/11/2018)
    See the list of changes on the following thread:

    HS3 (11/29/2016)

    New Features
    - Added a "Reprogram Device" feature. This will reprogram a device with the existing links after manually resetting the device. Op flags and Settings are reprogrammed as well.
    - Added error blink op flag for KPLs
    - Added Reset button to low battery level device for Hidden door sensors (may need to delete and re-register)
    - Allows you to change the status text of a device without it being overwritten by the plugin.
    - Allows you to change the status text of devices that have On/Off buttons. This will change the button text too if its a status & control entry
    - Allows you to change the optional controller device in a Group
    - Added Copy Selected Group function
    - Added Heartbeat device and tracking for Motion Sensors fw 44+; please delete and re-register the MS
    - Added Backup Configuration event action that will copy the current insteon.ini to an insteonX.ini where X is 1..5
    - Added a Configuration Changed trigger that will fire whenever a change is made to a device via the plugin; use this to notify when the insteon.ini changes.
    - Added Poll Device Event Action
    - Revised the Window/Door sensor (1009) to use an Open/Close status, and the default HS icons (may need to delete and re-register)
    - Revised the Hidden Door Sensor (1011, 10CF) battery voltage level reading to occur after a heartbeat (may need to delete and re-register)
    - Change On level and ramp rate settings for any link in a device from the Edit Links page: make the changes using the new drop downs and press Update Selected Links
    - A few basic UI improvements

    New Device Support
    - New Range Extender, Morninglinc, and Remotelinc
    - 022B in-linelinc on/off device
    - Smartenit EZIOxx devices
    - Alert Module support

    - Fixed link edit issue for responder links associated with KPL buttons
    - Fixed RemoteLinc2 8 button devices and option to switch from 8 to 4 btn setup
    - Fixed polling issue with Outletlincs
    - Fixed heartbeat for Leak Sensors fw<0x89
    - Fixed Motion Sensor and iMeter polling
    - Fixed kpl sync saving, remotelinc2 001C, updated i1 settings msg
    - Fixed load sense programming for Outletlinc dimmer
    - Fixed i1 device registration error
    - Fixed KPL status update
    - Fixed i1 KPL registration issue
    - Fixed 2-Wire switch programming
    - Fixed On Level issue with new devices
    - Fixed Inlinelinc (fw 44) registration
    - Fixed Test Detected to Normal status issue with Smoke Bridge
    - Fixed SyncLinkedDevices disappearing ini settings after deleting another device
    - Fixed Hidden Door Sensor battery voltage level
    - Fixed Hub 2 support when linking new devices
    - Fixed a comm issue with the Insteon Hub 2
    - Fixed the Reset & Reprogram routine for the the Hub 2
    - Fixed heartbeat status update issue for open/close sensor with fw 43
    - Fixed status change on low battery message from hidden door sensor fw 44
    - Fixed polling issue with IOLincs

    HS3 (3/17/2015)
    See the list of changes on the following thread:

    HS3 (12/6/2014)
    See the list of changes on the following thread:

    HS3 (5/1/2014)
    - Linux compatible
    - Added X10 Triggers. Please check your Insteon triggers to make sure nothing broke
    - The configuration and firing of the Insteon Interface triggers
    - Added non-toggle mode to the 8 button Remotelinc2 (basically the devices only sends Ons)
    - Insteon Trigger Error
    - Fanlinc support; fan speed control - remove and readd the device
    - Micro Shutter (open/close) device support
    - added parent child relationships so you can group like devices on the dev mgmt page
    - Added runtime and reverse settings the Micro Open/Close module 0E01
    - HS devices weren't getting deleted when the associated insteon device was removed from the plugin
    - Device button positioning fixed
    - Bug fixes

    Version HS2 (11/10/2013) and HS3 (11/1/2013)

    New Features

    - Test communications on multiple devices at once. This will ping each device 4 times and present a summary table at the end.
    - A Cancel button on the Test Communications features.
    - A Repeat button to Test Communications report pages to repeat the test.
    - To disable the port recovery routine for a 2413S for example, add DisableRestart=True to the [config] section of the insteon.ini. You will immediately get the PLM Crashed trigger and the plugin will shutdown.
    - An Interface Stops Responding trigger. This can be used to notify you immediately when an disconnect occurs. The plugin will still try to recovery.
    - User authentication support for Insteon Hub
    - Added 4th device to manage battery level for motion sensors

    - The plugin interface port is now on the plugin Config page, not on the HS Setup/Interface page. Your current port will be transferred. Please verify.
    - Additional logging for USB Port Recovery routine.
    - Revised motion sensor status to Motion and No Motion

    - IO Linc in mode 3
    - Edit Device Location save correctly
    - Hub reset and reprogram
    - Polling was getting re-enabled even when disabled on config page
    - Startup error associated with ProcessInsteonTrigger
    - Sync KPL devices when using radio button groups
    - The Interface Crashes trigger. **You will need to edit the event and resave it to get the latest logic.
    - Setting Fanlinc default on-level and ramp rates
    - Smoke Bridge Smoke Status
    - Read settings error caused 8 btn KPLs to look like 6 btn
    - Error related to CheckRawMessageMatch
    - Micro controllers on/off device controls
    - 6 Btn KPL sync issue between On and Off btn
    - Made config page UI available when working with a new installatoin
    - Hub configuration settings
    - Other misc bugs

    New Device Support
    - New Dual-band KPL on/off (022C)
    - DIN Rail devices
    - Water Leak Sensor with heartbeat device
    - Door Sensor with heartbeat device
    - First Alert Smoke Bridge
    - EU/Aus RemoteLinc2 series
    - EU/Aus Motion Sensors series

    Version is in the Updater (Released 11/1/2013)
    this is the first release of the HS3 version of the plugin. Licenses are available in the HST storehere:

    Version 1.9.1 Beta

    The next major change to the architecture of the plugin in order to support HS3 with minimal effort.

    Version Beta (Released 12/1/2012)

    New Feature

    - Support the Insteon Hub (2242-222) as the primary controller instead of a typical PLM. You need to configure the Port on the Config page with the ip address, a colon and the port. ie. This is the same port information you would use to access the Hub's web page.
    - Test communications on multiple devices at once. This will ping each device 4 times and present a summary table at the end.
    - A Cancel button on the Test Communications features.

    - The plugin interface port is now on the Config page, and no longer on the HS Setup/Interface page. Your current port will be transferred.

    - IO Linc in mode 3
    - Other misc bugs in

    New Device Support
    - New Dual-band KPL on/off (022C)
    - DIN Rail devices
    - Water Leak Sensor

    Version (Released 9/21/2012)

    available here:

    New Features
    - New script methods: getdevicesetting, getdeviceopflag, setdevicesetting, and setdeviceopflag. These use the extract text from the event action dropdowns. See details in documentation threads.

    - Supports Button Grouping on KPLs: Radio style button sets and buttons linked together. See KPL manual for more details.
    - Duplicate link checker. The config page will displays the devices and the link pairs that are duplicated. Delete one.

    - New inbound and outbound message processing routines. Ensures inbound messages are not missed.
    - Interface Crashes trigger, and PLM recovery routine.
    - Better support for FanLinc with creating groups. Set the fan speeds as part of a group
    - Swap device routine will allow you to swap a dimmer for a dimmer, a relay for relay, etc.
    - KPL timer support

    - Motion sensor programming
    - Various bugs from version 1.7
    - Tap-add routine
    - Startup error related to ProcessInsteonTrigger

    New Device Support
    - Insteon Bulb
    - 2-Wire Switchlinc Dimmer

    Version Beta (Released 5/23/2012)

    New Features
    - Supports Button Grouping on KPLs: Radio style button sets and buttons linked together. See KPL manual for more details.
    - Duplicate link checker. The config page will displays the devices and the link pairs that are duplicated. Delete one.

    - New inbound and outbound message processing routines. Ensures inbound messages are not missed.
    - Interface Crashes trigger, and PLM recovery routine.

    - Motion sensor programming
    - Various bugs from version 1.7
    - Tap-add routine

    Version Beta (Released 2/19/2012)

    New Features
    - Trigger Group feature for KPLs. Tthe HS status page on/off buttons can now trigger the devices linked to KPL btns. Change the KPL buttons on the Device Edit page: set an individual button to Trigger Group mode and save the changes.
    - HS status page On buttons will now use the default on level programmed into the switch.
    - Added hover help text to KPL Edit Device page
    - Added Make Device Beep action

    - Revised how the KPL settings are retrieved -- much faster now.
    - Swap Interface routine now includes RF only devices. You will be prompted to put the RF only device into Linking mode before the routine continues.
    - Better error trapping and restarting if the virtual serial port crashes or if the USB cable is disconnected and reconnected. Update your FTDI Drivers.
    - Cosmetic changes to the Manage Device page and Device Insteon Edit page to improve navigation. Requires IE 8 or later to see images.

    - Hop count was computed incorrectly if less than 4 Hops is selected on Config page.
    - RemoteLinc issue
    - Fanlinc light off issue
    - Group controller missing after device swapped; now updated to new device
    - Syncing KPL devices on the HS status page
    - Status message display during programming routines.

    Version 1.6.1 (released 1/2/2012)

    Available Here:

    New Features
    - Test Communications diagnostic tool; sends 20 insteon pings to selected device and displays the results. Must put RF devices into linking mode first.
    - Message hop data added to Registered Device list. See the note at the bottom of the page for a description of the columns.
    - Settings for on-level and ramp rates and resume dim for i2 dimmer devices.
    - Debug log message show hop data for each message received.

    - Enhanced polling for i1 KPL buttons. Faster polling for i1 & i2 KPLs and buttons
    - Updated Program and Replace device routine
    - Removed fast on/fast off buttons from InlineLinc device
    - Added All btn to RemoteLinc; still under development

    - Bug with new installattions and house code selection
    - Bug in light on at ramp rate action
    - Interface Crashes trigger wasn't firing under certain conditions

    Version 1.6 (released 10/23/2011)

    New Features
    - New Action: Set any device setting or op flags from an event action
    - New KPL Setting: Set non-toggle mode on/off for KPL btns
    - Reports duplicate registered devices in the HS log during startup

    - Removed RF devices from the Swap Interface routine. These must be manually updated for now
    - Increased logging during the Swap Interface routine.
    - Changed the Delete Link function to remove the link the controller and responder
    - Removed the ability to enable the x10 interface for the RF USB Dongle interface (restart required)
    - Change to ControlLinc 0004 definition to prevent unnecessary PLM from being created
    - Small change to MorningLinc definition to prevent unnecessary links from being created
    - Better reporting of unregistered Insteon IDs found in network
    - Added device name and location with the existing Insteon ID in a few key hs log entries
    - Changed logic to identify duplicate received messages and ignore second message

    - A bug in the Swap Interface routine dealing with i2 devices
    - A bug when changing device settings
    - A potential run away thread if the plugin is restarted from the hs setup/interface page

    Device Support Added
    - The three new RemoteLinc 2 devices

    Version 1.5.6 Beta (Posted 8/1/2011)

    New Features
    - Event Action to change Device Settings
    - Event Action to change Device Op Flags
    - Motion Sensor V2 battery level is saved as the Value in Low Battery HS device. Now you can trigger an event when the battery level is low. Note: The value is an whole number like 85 which represents 8.5v.
    - New public script method to set logging level dynamically: hspi.setloglevel(level) where level is 0 to 3

    Device Support
    1. INSTEON Energy Display, 2448A2 (this is still under development in the plugin)
    2. OutletLinc Dimmer (Dual Band), 2472DWH
    3. several others too new to name

    - Removed the .Net 3.5 Requirement, .Net 2.0 should be the requirement now.
    - More internal code changes to make this easier for me

    - An issue with register new devices
    - a comm stat issue during group cleanup transactions

    Version 1.5.5 (Released 3/22/2011)

    New Features
    - Read and Reprogram Motion Sensor settings without using Linking Mode (ie the internal set btn). Your new settings will be queued and programmed the next time the plugin receives an ON from the motion sensor. To read the current settings (battery level, light level, etc), you can select how frequently they are read from the Device Edit page. Enter 0 to disable this option. Remember, reading the settings too frequently will reduce battery life. Note: Your new settings will not be displayed until the motion sensor is successfully reprogrammed.

    - Internal support for the Sage Thermostat Plugin. Requires HS if you use both of these plugins. The HS upgrade is not necessary if you don't use the Sage Plugin.

    - Sort the Device Links by number. The setting is on the Main Confg Page.

    - Saves/reuses the last contact date/time between restarts. This will reduce excessive polling on startup.
    - Small internal changes to external device registration code. Existing external scripts should not be affected. Please scream if something is broken.
    - Other internal code changes to improve message processing and consistency.

    Version 1.5.3 (Released 2/08/2011)

    Available Here:

    New Features
    - A button called Display Interface Links on the config page that will display the Link Database in the Interface. This will update the Config page each time. This may take several minutes to run on large (100+ device) installations
    - A Link counter when using the Hardware Reset and Reprogram Interface button
    - A routine that will attempt to restart the PLM Com Port every 5 secs for 2 minutes if a problem occurs
    - A Trigger called Interface Crashes to notify HS when the PLM communication cannot be restarted
    - A Trigger called iMeter Reset to notify HS when the iMeter is reset manually from the HS status page
    - An Action to change the device polling frequency. This updates the Device Edit page in the plugin

    - Updated the Hardware Reset and Reprogram Interface routine to only write necessary link

    Device Support Added
    - SynchroLinc
    - Solo iMeter

    - Register Motions Sensors
    - X10 Preset Dim, and other X10 inbound message processing
    - Firmware check issue with USB Dongle
    - Other misc bugs reported in v1.5.2

    Version (released 11/22/2010)

    Available Here:

    New Features

    - Action to Reset and Reprogram Interface. Now you can schedule this action via a standard HS event
    - Reprogram multiple groups at once from the Manage Groups Page
    - Monitor the input sensor independently of the relay on IO Linc. Need to delete and readd the device. You will get two HS devices

    Device Support Added

    - GarageHawk garage module with status support only.
    - MorningLinc - Morning Industry RF Doorknob/Deadbolt Controller
    - Access Points - register and maintain status of these devices


    - Deleting a device seemed to freeze the system when there are a lot of registered devices. You will now get some status as to what is happening during the delete process
    - Added the Insteon Protocol version and Polling Interval to the Registered Device Page


    - Registering a RemoteLinc
    - Small bug with ICON switches with FW 60
    - Other misc bugs reported in the forum

    Version (released 9/22/2010)

    available here:

    New Features
    - Self register new/unknown Insteon device types through the insteon.ini file
    - Extra settings for V2 Motion Sensors (light level, battery level, etc)
    - Poll the input sensor on a I/O Linc when in Momentary Mode
    - Sync linked responder devices to help maintain status page (good for 3-way circuits)
    - Insteon Action: Send Device Command - sends any custom Insteon cmd to a registered device
    - Insteon Action: Light On at Ramp Rate - Turns a i2 light On/Off/Dim at a custom Ramp Rate regardless of device settings.

    Device Support Added
    - New ICON devices with latest firmware 39+
    - GarageHawk garage door monitor
    - Full support for the IO Linc
    - Basic support for TimerLinc with Load Sensing
    - Smarthome 240V N/C Relay
    - Smarthome 240V N/O Relay
    - New Switchlincs

    - Quicker processing of inbound and outbound insteon messages and commands
    - Better support for switching a KPL from (6 to 8) or (8 to 6) button configuration without reregistering.

    - Use foreign characters in device names
    - Register a 8 key Keypadlinc
    - Delete links from groups
    - Display issue on the Device Mapping page

    Version (released 4/14/2010)

    - Supports the following new devices:
    1. Switchlinc V2 Dimmer devicetype 0119
    2. Switchlinc 220V relay device type 0218

    1. KPL 6 vs 8 btn setup. Please Reread settings and links
    1. Group cleanup setting
    2. For devices 2475S2 (the inline relay with sense; device type 0214) the custom btns Fast On and Fast Off now work.

    Version (released 3/27/2010)

    New Features

    - Supports the following new devices:
    1. Outdoor ApplianceLincs(2456S3E)
    2. Icon Dimmer (2876DB)
    3. In-LineLinc Relay with Sense (2475S2)
    4. Icon On/Off Switch (2876S)
    5. Icon Appliance On/Off Module (2856S3)
    6. I/O Linc (2450)
    7. Dual band lamplinc (2457D2)

    - Provides custom settings section for Motion Sensors, KPLs, I/O Lincs and Load Sense devices. See the individual device edit page within the plugin. Please see the Smarthome manuals for what these settings mean or do. For example, you can now change an i2 KPL from 6 to 8 btn mode via the plugin! And remember to put the MSs & TLs into linking mode before programming the settings.

    - Provides custom settings for i2 Switchlincs and Lamplincs to disable the LED and/or the flashing when a command is transmitted. Disabling the LED may not work on all switchlincs but does seem to working on LampLincs.

    - Allows automatic shut off of the HS device related to an I/O Linc when its used in Momentary Mode. Enable or disable this feature from the device edit page.

    Special Notes:
    - Reread Settings and Links for i2 KPLs otherwise the UI may not reflect the correct 6 vs 8 btn configuration.

    - For PLM users only: All Smarthome devices with firmware 30 or greater support the i2 protocol. The i2 protocol is faster for reading and creating links. Check your insteon.ini to see if the Protocol key is equals 2 for each device based on the firmware version. If not shutdown hs and clear the value from the Protocol key, then restart HS. The plugin will recheck the device (when necessary) and save the appropriate Protocol value.

    - A lot of the internal code changed to make this plugin more flexible as we move forward.

    Version (PLM & PLC) Released 1/24/2010

    New Features
    - Supports Triggerlincs and Motion Sensors (V1 and V2) through the use of the new Insteon i2 protocol. Note: Put these devices in linking mode before manually adding.
    - Restarts the com port if the connection to the USB PLM is lost.

    - Devices that can not respond (ie MSs, TLs, ControlLincs, Groups, etc) will not be polled

    - Ramp rates for group devices display correct default value (.1 sec instead of 9 min).
    - Group controller device btns display the correct btn name
    - Manually adding i2 devices

    Version (PLM & PLC) Released 1/2/2010
    - Fixed the Insteon Special Triggers that were not firing

    Version (PLM & PLC) Released 1/1/2010
    New Features
    - Creates Insteon Groups that can be controlled remotely from a single device button such as a KPL key. The HS group device is updated accordingly.
    - Supports KPL devicetype 011C
    - Uses HS Location 2 field within the plugin and triggers if enabled in Homeseer. Enable with the "Use Location 2" option on the plugin config page.
    - Logs an Insteon receive message in the HS log. Can be disabled using the standard HS device edit page.
    - Polls i2 KPLs button status as well as primary on/off status.
    - Changed the logging level of several message to the Detailed Debug level. Regular Debug Logging produces fewer message.

    - Fixed a small bug when creating links between devices.

    Version (PLM & PLC)
    - the device links are now sorted by the type of link, not the link number. I hope this makes them more readable. Thus the link numbers will be out of sequence.

    - resolves the 'unknown button name' issue on the device links page.

    Version (PLM & PLC)
    -Added support for the KPL device type 011B

    Version (PLM & PLC)

    New Features
    - Added hyperlinks to device and group names for one-click editing. This uses javascript.

    - KPL links were only created using btn 1

    Version (PLM & PLC)

    New Features
    - Creates Insteon links between devices from the Edit Device Links page
    - Allows disabling automatic polling from the plugin Config page
    - Displays the custom KPL button/channel names on the Event page and in Insteon Trigger lists

    Version (PLM & PLC)

    - Error converting on-levels while Processing Group Broadcasts

    Version (PLC)

    - Illegal values returned in x10 code

    Version (PLC)

    - Missing plugin navigation buttons

    Version (PLM)

    - Receiving negative values for on-levels

    Version (PLM & PLC)

    New Features

    -Supports the SwitchLinc Relay with Sensing (2476S2 -15 Amps, Rev 5.0+) [Untested]
    -Sets default on-level and ramp rates for i1 Switchlinc Dimmers (requires power cycling the switches)
    -Preserves the Comm Reliability stats from session to session. They are saved at shutdown and reloaded at startup.
    -Resets Comm Reliability stats using the new button on the "Edit Insteon Device" page
    -Provides an enhanced user interface for registered devices and groups
    -Allows the Global insteon All Devices group to be permanently renamed using the standard Hs device property page.


    -Revised Polling Timer so polling would restart if plugin is restarted while HS running.
    -Fixed a problem with i2 KeypadLinc Relay device settings for 6 vs 8 btn setup.
    -Modified startup routine so Groups are only changed and saved if necessary. Minimizes startup log entries.
    -Revised routine that checks and reports Database Link changes. Should reduce false Warnings.
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    HS3 Pro
    Hardware: Insteon Serial PLM | AD2USB for Vista Alarm | HAI Omnistat2 | 1-Wire HA7E | RFXrec433 | Dahua Cameras | LiftMaster Internet Gateway
    Plugins: Insteon (mine) | Vista Alarm (mine) | Omnistat 3 (by Kirby) | Ultra1Wire3 | RFXCOM | NetCAM | MyQ | BLRadar | BLDenon | Jon00 Charting
    Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory