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Insteon Groups and KPL buttons

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    Insteon Groups and KPL buttons

    I am having a hard time setting up a group to control KPL buttons based on a IOLinc controller. Here is my setup:

    IOlinc input sensor connected to garage door closed switch. IOLinc input comes on when garage door is closed.

    I want to use two KPL buttons to indicate status. One to indicate the door is open (Button A), and another to indicate it is closed (Button B).

    I set up a group with the IOLinc sensor input as the controller and the two buttons as responders. I set the Settings dropdown to Off for Button A, and to On for Button B.

    When the IOLinc sensor turns on (garage closed), it works as expected: Button A turns Off and Button B turns On.

    However, when the IOLinc sensor turns off, only Button B turns off, but Button A does not turn on.

    My assumption about groups was that the "On" and "Off" settings would be executed when the controller turns on, and when the controller turns off, the inverse of the settings would be executed. (i.e. a device with an "off" setting would get turned on)

    Is my thinking on Insteon groups wrong?
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    there are a few other threads in this forum and the parent insteon forum on this topic. did any of those help?

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