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Controlling X10 devices

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    Controlling X10 devices

    I searched but was not able to find an answer for this. In the documentation it says that you can control X10 devices via the hub by updating X10 devices from the configuration page. I have done so and I still cannot control my X10 devices. I can control the X10 devices via the Insteon android app so I know that hardware wise everything works from the hub out to the X10 devices. I do have the CM11a plugin installed and have the X10 interface connected to the system. I have been running the X10 devices with just the X10 interface but have been having a bunch of issues with this and wanted to try controlling them via the Insteon plugin instead. Any suggestions on what to try? I am running the latest HS3 and plugin revision.


    OK, I have been able to control the X10 devices via the hub by configuring the X10 module address on the configuration tab rather than on the X10 tab. The issue I am having now if that it takes about 30 seconds from the time I send the command until it is received. Is this normal?


      which hub do you have?

      also, can you enabled detailed logging in the plugin, send and an x10 cmd, and post a log snippet of this transaction

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