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    I ordered it but cancelled it a few days later before it was delivered. The reason for my considering Insteon was to overcome a problem I have with the CM15a plugin. For myself and a few others it clashes with an x10 type security system. It's a long story and it's been on bugzilla since October last year. After much discussion on the message board I had come to the conclusion that Insteon was the way forward if I am to continue to use the few X10 devices I have left, mainly motion sensors. I've already started to switch to Zwave.

    Whilst I was waiting for delivery I came across another possibility which may solve the problem and it does not preclude getting Insteon anyway. I've already bought an Insteon device in preparation.

    The other possibility I'm referring to, involves running HS3 on Linux. Apparently there is no problem with the CM15 on that OS. So I've ordered a Raspberry Pi2 and will try to run everything on there. I'm currently waiting for delivery.
    They're very inexpensive so I've nothing to lose if it doesn't work and of course Insteon would run on that as well.
    Pending the outcome of that project, I'm sorry that I can't give you any feedback on the hub at the moment.
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      Originally posted by claude View Post
      My anxiety level just went up a few notches. I've got a lot of things wrapped up around the 2242-222. Smarthome only carries a refurbished version of it, but for how long? The major Canadian distributors and retail stores don't even carry the 2242-222 anymore.

      When I read about all the issues the Zwave camp is going through and considering the stability and excellent support we get for your Insteon plugin, I felt I really made the right choice.

      So I need to ask...

      Mark, when you say you haven't figured out if you can support this new API, is it a question of
      a- whether you will support it at all, or
      b- whether you can technically support it, or
      c- how long it will take you to support it?

      I'm hoping for 'c'
      I have a request into Smarthome asking for them to "add the ability to send raw insteon msgs through the hub 2 api"

      this is how the original hub worked, and i though this was how the new hub 2 was also going to work (or it seems to work), but they started changing the fw and disabling this feature and the local login access.

      Stay tuned.

      HS3 Pro
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      Platform: HP h8-1360t, Windows Server 2012 R2, i7-3.4GHz, 16GB memory


        Relief !! Will stay tuned.


          Buy one while you can? ;