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Insteon plug in failure

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    Insteon plug in failure

    I have a new insteon emergency that has just happened and the log follows. None of my insteon commands are now working, and the keyboards flash with audible beep if touched. Can you provide me a solution (MarK)? I cannot read the log file as its on the sel pro product. The problem began when the system was running a bad line of event programming probably causing a loop in operation.
    Please help, as my system is now inop.

    Here's the log exerpt:
    Oct-28 00:31:30 Z-Wave Device: Master Bedroom Light level Master bedroom Set to 647 (Lux)
    Oct-28 00:31:22 Insteon ** To request help with this problem please post this log file to the forum along with a detailed description of what lead to this problem.
    Oct-28 00:31:22 Insteon ** An error occurred in this plug-in. The details have been written to the log file - /usr/local/HomeSeer/Config/Insteon Error Report.Log
    Oct-28 00:31:17 Event Deleting event after run: "Delayed Actions Liv Room Picture (Delayed Action)"
    Oct-28 00:31:17 Device Control Device: Living Room Liv Room Picture to Off (0)
    Oct-28 00:31:17 Event Event Trigger "Delayed Actions Liv Room Picture (Delayed Action)"
    Oct-28 00:31:02 Insteon Received 19.36.71:4 (Living Room liv Rm Keypad - Button B) Go ON
    Oct-28 00:31:02 Device Control Device: Living Room liv Rm Keypad - Button B to Off (0)

    The insteon failure has the following list (below) highlighted in my plug-in display. The entire system worked perfectly without any flaws until this error string appeared as described in my first post. All keypad links simply flash when any commands are sent to them. Thanks for any help that can be provided. Again, I do not know how to obtain the error log that I assume is stored on the Sel Pro module itself.
    You have 12 internal Insteon device(s) registered in the system, 0 external device(s), and 0 group(s).
    These devices and groups currently consume 0 link database entries in your interface.*
    You have 230 unused outbound link addresses out of 254 total available.

    * Click the Display Interface Links button below to update this number.

    The following are unregistered Insteon addresses found in the network.
    16.B3.59 found in Garage Garage Light motion relay
    16.B3.59 found in Garage Garage Spot Lights
    16.B3.59 found in Kitchen Kitchen Keypad
    16.B3.59 found in Kitchen Sun Room Track
    16.B3.59 found in Living Room Couch Lamp
    16.B3.59 found in Living Room liv Rm Keypad
    16.B3.59 found in Living Room Living Room Track
    16.B3.59 found in Master B Room Master Bedroom Keypad
    16.B3.59 found in Master Bedroom Peter Bedside Table
    16.B3.59 found in Rec Room Fireplace Light
    16.B3.59 found in Rec Room REC ROOM KEYPAD
    16.B3.59 found in Rec Room Scanner


      I have no idea how these devices became "unregistered" on my network. Looking at a Garage Light Motion relay module listed on the "unregisterd list" as 16.B3.59 shows the following line below.
      Link #1 Input Sensor is controlled by Unregistered Device Group 0 (16.B3.59) - On Level : On
      Link #2 Input Sensor controls Unregistered Device (16.B3.59)
      Link #3 Input Sensor has local control reporting to HomeSeer
      Warning: This Insteon device controls or is controlled by devices you have not yet registered with the plug-in. HomeSeer may not be aware of any control commands that might come from the unregistered device. Please add the unknown device to your system if possible.

      I do not have any insteon devices with that address code, and do not have any idea where this code was generated from. I am using the (2450)I/O Linc v41 module sensor input for this with a doppler motion-shift sensor. The actual insteon address for this relay module is 19.5F.B3.


        I spent many hours studying prior postings on the forum, and converations with Smarthome tech support to successfully re-work all device programming and delete error inducing links. At this point I've regained full function of my home's insteon devices and HS system.