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2477D not responding to HS3

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    2477D not responding to HS3


    I've got HS3 Pro on a HomeTroller S4 Pro with the HSInsteon plugin I've added a 2477D. When I switch it on / off from the home screen, it displays the status as changing but the actual switch does nothing. If I toggle the actual switch the status on the home screen DOES update correctly.

    So HS3 and the plugin are seeing the device, they just won't control it. I have a 2477S added and it responds correctly to HS3 and the status updates correctly when I toggle the actual switch so HS3 and the plugin are working.

    I'm running HS2 Pro regularly on the HomeTroller and all the devices work with MSandler's plugin. I'm running HS3 Pro in parallel just testing right now. Only one version of HS is running at a time - to be anal I shut down HS, restart the HomeTroller and run whichever version of HS I'm wanting to work with to make sure there's no conflicts. I don't have either one in the startup folder.

    Thanks for any help

    You should put in a bugzilla ticket on this issue.


      Ok. Where do I do that?