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ISY Scene Devices... No Dimmer Slide Control?

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  • ISY Scene Devices... No Dimmer Slide Control?

    I have a few Scenes that only contain Dimmers.
    Yet, in the HS3 admin gui the scene device has a "Dim" & "Bright" buttons but no slider like all other dimmable devices?
    In the HS3 device properties, the checkbox for dimmable is checked (and cannot be changed)... It is not getting created properly?

    I found a thread from 2009 stating you removed the slider / dim level setting.
    Having that slider, and the ability to set level directly and in Events, makes it much more efficient. Not having that is not efficient.

    I have 4 dimmers on Kitchen Scene (Dimmer 1, 2, 3, 4). For control, All I should need to do is use Kitchen Scene. I should be able to hide the 4 individual dimmers from HS3 and never use they but you make that impossible.
    By not being able to set dim level on the Scene, I now MUST have at least 1 dimmer showing in Homeseer. This is less efficient, and potentially confusing to end-users in a GUI (do I use Kitchen Scene or Kitchen Dimmer 1?)

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    I thought I explained the reasoning in that post.

    The Insteon protocol doesn't allow for a scene to be set to a specific "dim" level. There's isn't a command available that would allow the plug-in to send a command to the scene that says "set the devices in the scene to 40%" . The only commands that can be sent to a scene are on/off/dim/bright. The dim and bright commands cause the scene to dim or brighten by fixed amounts. There's also no way to query what the current level of a scene is because all the devices that make up a scene don't have to be at the same brightness level. What does it even mean to try and set a scene to 50% if one of the devices is a relay? Thus scenes don't really have status. The plug-in attempts to define a status for scenes and that definition is currently if all the devices in the scene are set to the levels specified by the scene configuration, the scene is considered ON, if any of the devices are not at the level specified in the configuration, the scene is considered OFF. There isn't anything in between.

    I understand that for your specific configuration/use case above, it would be helpful to have the scene be represented by a simulated dimmer device, but that wouldn't make sense in many other cases.

    And to be clear, it's not me that doesn't allow this, it the Insteon protocol and the ISY that don't allow this.
    Bob Paauwe
    ISYInsteon Plug-in


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      This is a good use case for Multi-Device Control... where a single virtual device can send commands using multiple real devices. Thus, we'd be able to assign specific commands be sent to one device, and other commands be sent to a different device. Course that will never happen, HST cant get beyond the features they has 10 years ago. ;-)