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  • HS4 duplicate devices

    Not sure if you are going to tweak to work with HS4. I tried it out as the first HS3 plugin in a new install of HS4 in it's own directory with no upgrade. I found that it works very well so far, except almost every device that is not grouped as a child has a duplicate named device created. That device is has no Interface, Device Type=Api: NotSpecified, Relationship=Standalone. Oddly, there are a few devices that did not duplicate and orphan. I don't see anything about them that would explain it though.

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    I just installed the latest HS4 beta and saw the same thing when I first ran it. I then deleted all the devices and started the plug-in again and I now do not have any duplicates (that I can tell anyway).

    I also noticed a lot of errors and failures to create device config messages in the log the first time and none of those the second time. On both tries, I also noticed a lot of HomeSeer warnings about ProcessEventItem and I don't know what's causing those.

    HomeSeer says that HS3 plug-ins should work without change on HS4, so presumably if it isn't working right, that's a HomeSeer bug.

    I have not yet decided what I want to do about HS4. The amount of effort to re-write the ISYInsteon plug-in for HS4 will be quite large and it's not likely that requests for fixes and enhancements of the existing plug-in will drop to zero. Because of the shear number and types of devices supported by the plug-in, I'm not able to fully test it now when making changes and just trying to support HS4 with the existing plug-in will double that effort.
    Bob Paauwe
    ISYInsteon Plug-in


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      I just installed HS and don't seem to be having that issue (i would still like a filter to filter out whole class types (for example i plan to use the z-wave module in HS4 so don't need to expose any z-wave via ISY plugin)
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