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    starting up issue's

    I'm just starting with playing around with the plugin. The setup:
    Theben IP router
    Theben JM 8T (8 way blind actuator )

    I configure the IP connection in the setup.
    When i push the create device button nothing is created in the izKnx floor/room.
    If i choose to rebuild the group adresses also nothing is happening?

    How can i do some throuble shooting?
    logfile debug level =1

    If you set logfile debug level to 5 then you get the max amount of information in the debug log.

    The Create Device button will create devices based on what you have selected in the table above (you will then have to go back to those devices in the HS device screen and configure the group addresses).

    The rebuild group address button is only used if you have made changes to group addresses on the HS devices.

    Have you configured the Theben devices on the KNX side using something like ETS ?
    Nicolai L