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    Release Notes

    This thread contains list of improvements introduced with each version.
    v3.0.1.14 - beta version for support of DPT 12.001
    v3.0.1.10 - Initial Production release

    Beta versions:
    v0.0.1.9 - Improved number support in Mantissa en/decode function. Support of Thermostat (with setpoint, temperature and heating valve)
    v0.0.1.7 - Adding Scene device with DPT 18.001 support
    v0.0.1.6 - WIP for Thermostat support. Fixing issue with initial polling
    v0.0.1.5 - Fixing bug for GroupAddres validation on izKNX tab
    v0.0.1.4 - Support for updating devices on inbound DPT 3.007
    v0.0.1.3 - Group Address validation against correct GA structure (2 Level/3 Level/Free)
    v0.0.1.2 - Timer based polling. Adding Scene device.
    v0.0.1.1 - Complete re-write of polling mechanism
    v0.0.1.0 - Rewriting of how updates are handled. Now taking the lead from DPT
    v0.0.0.7 - Polling devices on startup and change to standar polling method
    v0.0.0.6 - Minor changes, including licensing variations
    v0.0.0.5 - Fixing small bug
    v0.0.0.4 - Much functionality added
    v0.0.0.3 - Adding Temperature/MotionSensor/Bind-Curtain devices
    v0.0.0.2 - Adding graphics
    v0.0.0.1 - Initial code setup and first public beta version
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